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1. My favourite song of all time is Otis Redding's Try a Little Tenderness.
2. I am a cat girl and the lucky owner of Byron the Bastard, a pedigree black Persian who has more attitude than you can imagine.
3. I love cold gloomy and rainy dark days (a rarity in Los Angeles).
4. My dream in life is to work in some form at the British Museum. Just give me a white coat, gloves and a chance
5. I try to take part in the Revlon Walk for Breast Cancer every year in honour of my mum, who was diagnosed eight years ago and underwent a mastectomy and is currently awaiting her SECOND mastectomy as well as my best friend in London who had a lump removed a few years ago.
6. I detest all forms of sport, except the occasional World Cup match between England and Argentina.
7. I always wear something black.
8. I can play guitar and piano albeit not very well.
9. I went to a French high school in Los Angeles but that really doesn't mean I can speak the language.
10. I can read French, Ancient Greek, some Latin and some Spanish but can't speak any of them.
11. I am an only child, hell they didn't want to mess with perfection, hee hee.
12. Television is my best friend next to the Internet. Both are always there for you no matter when.
13. I adore British soap operas i.e. Coronation Street and Eastenders.
14. I live with a Scouser.
15. I have a 22 year old "stepson" who lives in England. And no I absolutely NEVER want a kid of my own!
16. I adore my "mother in law" even if her birthday is Halloween.
17. If I could be paid to be a full-time student I would be the first person in line to sign up.
18. I adore and hope to move to England within the next 2 years.
19. I met my Hornhead in an independent music store 17+ years ago.
20. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Civilization with an emphasis on erotic art and rituals during the 5th century BCE. (really not the most useful degree in the world but it made me happy)
21. I was accepted to grad school to get a Master's degree in sexology two years before I received my Bachelor's degree but couldn't afford the tuition.
22. I collect erotic art, mostly phallic inspired pieces.
23. I don't drink coffee other than the mandatory once a week consumption of a Vanilla Blended from the Coffee Bean but I love strong English tea with loads of sugar because you can never be too sweet.
24. I helped to produce two documentaries which were both highly rated by the critics: Masters of Production/Hidden Art of Hollywood for PBS and Complicated Women for Turner Classic Movies.
25. I have four tattoos which are all Indian inspired with the most recent one being for my mom who chose it for me and two more in the works after that.
26. I have 7 piercings. I wish my belly button would take a piercing tho but after 2 tries I think I will just settle on a tat there.
27. I used to drive a big purple Jeep named Barney but sadly he was shipped to Jeep heaven. He was replaced though with my dream car, a 2006 Mini Cooper named My Dear Little Prudence!
28. Alec Guinness used to live in my apartment.
29. I love to knit but I figure you gathered that already.
30. My friend and I have emailed each other over 7,000 times over the last 8 months just from work alone. Tells you a little something about our current work ethic.
31. My favourite word is plethora.
32. I haven't seen my natural hair colour since I was 13.
33. I smoke like a very busy chimney.
34. I love everything from India except the food.
35. I can't swim or ride a bike and have no intention of learning either.
36. I am fascinated by serial killers
37. I hate having to work in corporate America and don't look good in a suit.
38. My toenails have been painted every shade of blue since I was 13.
39. I am a devout atheist.
40. I don't vote. What's the point when it's the electoral college who casts the deciding vote not to mention we all saw what happened in the 2000 tie. The people never have a say yet this country is considered a "democracy" oh okay!
41. I took up knitting over Thanksgiving 2003 after procrastinating about it for 4 years.
42. My iPod goes everywhere with me.
43. I tend to cuss like a sailor most of the time.
44. I tend to be painstakingly shy at times.
45. I don't go out in the sun at all and do not tan.
46. I just moved from the slums of Bel Air to the hills of West Hollywood.
47. I am plagued by having a high IQ.
48. I am one of the few LA natives that I know.
49. I adore deconstructed gothic clothing.
50. I am a mommie's girl and proud of it.